2008 Stallion Service Blind Auction
Bidding Conditions
Bidding closes on 15th July, 2008

The ASPR Inc. 2008 'Stallion Service Blind Auction' offers mare owners the chance to 'bid' on some of
Australia's top performance stallions for as little as 30% of their normal stud fee.


Stallion services to be used for the 2008/09 breeding season only.
-  The minimum bid that can be submitted must be at least 30% of the normal advertised service fee
  of the stallion - excluding agistment fees, handling/booking fees and associated veterinary costs.

-  The winning bidder will be responsible for payment of agistment, handling/booking fees and
  associated veterinary costs directly to the owner of the stallion. It is the responsibility of the bidder
  to contact the stud (stallion owner) and satisfy themselves that the terms and conditions of the stud
  (LFG/free return/handling fees/vet requirements etc.) are acceptable to the bidder before submitting
  their bid. The stud (stallion owner) has the right to accept or reject any mare  -  when checking the
  terms/contracts before submitting your bid, check with the stud that your mare would be an
  acceptable proposition for them.

-  The stallion service can be taken up by the winning bidder in the 2008/09 breeding season only (ie:
  between 1st August, 2008 and 31st July, 2009)

-  The winning bidder MUST contact the stallion owner immediately following notification of the winning
  bid to organise booking dates, signing of stud contracts and arrangement of agistment costs etc.

-  All bids must be forwarded on the official bidding form and  must be enclosed in a sealed envelope
  with the name of the stallion clearly printed on the front of the envelope. Bidder must also sign
  across the sealed portion of the envelope. This sealed envelope must then be forwarded inside
  another envelope addressed to the ASPR Stallion Service Blind Auction, PO Box 594, Echuca Vic

-  Bidders may submit more than one bid for the stallion of their choice and may submit more than
  one bid for other listed stallions.

-  Bids must be received no later than the last mail on 15th July, 2008

-  In the case of more than one bid being opened where the bid received is for the same amount, the
  first bid received will be deemed the winning bid. (All bids received will be immediately date

-  The winning bidders will be notified by mail immediately following the opening of the bids.

-  Payment must be made to the Australian Sports Pony Registry Inc. as per the invoice which will be
  forwarded to the  winning bidder. Upon receipt of payment the winning bidder will be forwarded a
  voucher for the stallion service which will be redeemable upon presentation to the stallion owner.

-  If for any unforseeable reason the stallion owner is unable to honour the service to the stallion for
  the 2008/09 breeding season, the winning bidder may be refunded their bid in full upon written
  application to the ASPR Inc. A claim for a refund of the bid MUST be submitted to the ASPR by the
  31st July, 2009 (ie: completion of the 2008/09 breeding season). Claims made after this date will
  not be entertained.